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COVID-19 Message

Taking into account recommendations provided by the CDC, if the outdoor space allows, and the ability to separate groups of people is feasible, large gatherings can occur. In these cases, special attention should be paid to appropriate social distancing and other measures, like wearing masks in places where people congregate, such as restrooms and concession areas.  The large gathering guidance has been issued as a recommendation, rather than an order, to allow residents to safely conduct business and other activities moving forward. Waukesha County reevaluates its large gathering recommendation at regular intervals.

06/24/20 Message – COVID-19 IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you plan to exit your vehicle for the movie, you may set up in spot to the right of your ride. Although you are welcome to bring a blanket and chairs and sit next to your vehicle, we ask that you do NOT leave your spot unless going to use the porta potties located by the OHS Cafeteria building. Please help us make this a safe event for everyone and adhere to the recommendations of the CDC for practicing safe social distancing.

06/11/2020 Message –

Due to COVID we are having a free drive in movie 6/11/2020. This is a ticketed event and are SOLD OUT at this time. Please watch our Facebook page for last minute details and changes. If we have openings tonight we will post it and would love for you to come.

04/01/2020 Message –

To our dedicated Moonlit Movie Family,

As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, the CDC has strongly encouraged event organizers and staff to prepare for the possibility of outbreaks in their communities and requests our efforts to help minimize the opportunities of expose. The CDC has developed recommended actions for preventing the spread of COVID-19 at mass gatherings and large community events, which would include Moonlit Movies.

As you may have already heard, we are currently banned to organize mass gatherings in our communities. At the present moment, we have announced dates for our upcoming season and the celebration of our 15th anniversary with Moonlit Movies. With uncertain times ahead, we would like to inform our community of the possibility of delay or canceling any of the upcoming dates. We promise to keep our Moonlit Movie fans up to date with how we will proceed as more information becomes available to us as time progresses.

Although we are very sad by the possibility of canceling or postponing dates, we are more concerned to the welfare of our community and the people in it. If it should appear that gathering as a community could negatively impact the health or wellbeing of those attending, we will reassess our plan moving forward. Thank you for your understand and cooperation. Please check back often as we will do our best to keep you up to date.  

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Moonlit Movies is a volunteer run nonprofit organization dedicated to creating fun, free, family events in Oconomowoc, WI for the Lake Country to enjoy.


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